ninth floor notions

Bored out of my mind in my ninth floor apartment in the dismal antimetropolis of Buffalo New York, I decided to blog.

Saturday, March 26, 2005

Over Exposed

I made it back home again
and hey what do you know
I survived the week long adventure
but I've got nothing to show
and the sun still shines
even after the fallout
with that fucking glow
I've come in to contact with my heart
and it's filled with mixed emotions
if I ripped it out
I would still long for your attention
with a design of my invention
I would bring you back
but I know there is nothing left in prevention
so let me down easy
and we will fade away
and we will be blown away
from all of those days
back home again
and I feel years away
my body lies inert
down in the dirt
but in my mind
we're surfacing
we're surfacing

Dishsoap and Dandelions

dishsoap and dandelions
its summer time in the suburbs
I waited so long to get where I was going
the place was strange
and out of my range
but I kept on going
the kids were cool
and I was a fool
but I kept on going
I remember the smell
dishsoap and dandelions
it must be summer time in the suburbs
I hated to leave
but my aunt and uncle needed a reprieve
summer time is over in the suburbs
I still remember the smell
dishsoap and dandelions
what was to never be again

In the beginning

Having a taste for writing, bored with paper, and my pen out of ink, I decided to start logging it here.